Ramundberget is one of Sport Design Sweden’s first-ever customers

Ramundberget is a winter resort in the west of the Härjedalen province, an outpost literally at the end of the road and on the border to the unpaved backcountry.

The powerstretch hoodie is our favorite!

Eva GanellTopsport, Ramundberget

Why did you choose to work with Sport Design Sweden?

Eva Ganell, Topsport, Ramundberget:
– In the beginning it was our personal contact with Johan Skogh and later on Niclaes Wijk, who both had lived and worked in the area, that made us partner up with Sport Design Sweden. Since then everything has always worked great.

How has Sport Design Sweden evolved since you started working together?

– Above all, the range of great products has increased over the years.

Which is your best selling Sport Design Sweden product?

– We sell a lot of pillow cases in Ramundberget, and we also use them as giveaways. Many cabin and apartment owners get these for their accommodations.