The mountains that raised Anja Pärson and Ingemar Stenmark

Hemavan Tärnaby is northern Sweden’s biggest ski resort and offers exceptional skiing in breathtaking mountain settings. Many of the country’s best-known skiers are from the region, including Ingemar Stenmark, Anja Pärson, Stig Strand and Jens Byggmark along with snowboarder Hampus Mosesson.

We had a chat with Anna Gustavsson about their experience of working with Sport Design Sweden and how it has strengthen sales and the overall brand that is Hemavan Tärnaby.

Why did you choose to work with Sport Design Sweden?

Anna Gustavsson, Hemavan-Tärnaby:
– They had a very good reputation from a colleague of mine whom I had worked with earlier.

What specific results have you seen?

– Many of our guests are excited for the new collection every year and the sales of Hemavan Tärnaby profile apparel has increased significantly. 

Can you describe Sport Design Sweden with three words and would you recommend them to your peers?

– Professional. Responsive. Innovative. I would recommend working with Sport Design Sweden to my peers because they’re really nice and professional people.

Which is your favorite product and what do you sell most of?

– I would say the hoodies are definitely my favorites. We sell a lot of multitubes and beanies of all kinds in Hemavan Tärnaby.